Infraction of these rules will result in disqualification from the event, and possible removal from

Race registration ends promptly at 3:30PM. There will be no registration for any class after registration

is closed. Drivers Meeting at 4:00PM.

All racers should attend the drivers’ meeting prior to the event.

All competitors MUST be 16 years old to compete; any competitor under 18 must have parental consent.

ALL CLASSES – 5 truck minimum to run the class.

In ALL CASES, if there are multiple drivers, each driver can only make one pass per class and the vehicle can only

All racers MUST stage their vehicles in the specified location for their event. The driver is responsible for

notifying the starter if the vehicle is unable to run in the scheduled event.

It will be the discretion of the starter to allow the driver to run the vehicle at another time within the specific

The first truck in class, no second run unless hole has been worked. If a 2nd run is chosen by the driver the second

run time counts. The 2nd run must take place immediately behind the first run.


Protest clause - $100 CASH. If you want to protest a truck, bring $100 and your reason to an official. If you are wrong you

will loose your money and it goes to the truck you protested.

All Classes – MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING – (Exception Deer Hunter Class)

Minimum 6 point roll cage

5 point harness

Kill switch within reach of driver – properly labeled “KILL SWITCH”

Neutral Safety Switch

Transmission Blankets are recommended

Firewall and floor pan must be present protecting the driver from the engine and driveline components.

Each driveshaft must have a minimum of 2 loops, unless the vehicle’s shaft is no longer than 24” – 1 loop

properly centered will suffice.

All trucks are subject to open hood and fuel inspections by track officials.

All vehicles must have a working fire extinguisher within reach of driver/properly secured with a quick release

Batteries inside compartment with driver MUST be enclosed in a sealed box.

All Fuel tanks MUST BE isolated from the driver’s compartment by a firewall and secured by at least 2 straps.

All Drivers must have DOT approved Helmet

Any Vehicle running alcohol – the driver must wear an approved fire suit.

All Vehicles must have working brakes at start and finish lines.

All vehicles must have a reverse gear.

Nitrous is allowed in Unlimited class only.

Vehicles must have rigid front and rear hitching points. Hitching points must be easily accessible – no chains, straps,

or cables allowed.

Cable – Optional unless made mandatory by event officials. If you pull the cable and do not

stop at the end of the pit – you will be Disqualified.

If you have an equipment malfunction and you do not pass the 25-foot mark you can be pulled back and have one

Full Pull – When truck reaches cones at the end of the hole.

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